Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Skeleton Torso Drawings and a Femur

The first picture was my first attempt at drawing the femur in class yesterday.  The femur is a lot more challenging than it looks, stretching long and curved, and being the longest bone in the body it is hard to make it as graceful as it really is.  On the other hand, I still believe it was easier to make the femur more believable than the pelvis.  I borrowed a stick of red conte (I think) from my friend and I think that the color makes the drawing come to life in a sense.

This drawing to the right of the femur drawing is by far my strongest work so far this semester.  It was our first 10 hour+ drawing of the torso area.  I spent a lot of time working on getting all of the proportions correctly drawn out before any dark lines/value were added.  Also, I worked hard on making the pelvis as three-dimensional as possible; I wanted to make it appear as tactile as the skeleton I was looking at.
The middle left, and bottom drawing were earlier drawings from class periods.  Each represents about two and a half to three hours of drawing.  The drawing with the shoulder blade was my earliest drawing if my memory serves me right.  I wanted to place the arms and shoulder blade to make it appear more whole, however, it took time away from the pelvis and rib cage, which is what we were currently concentrating on.  I remember struggling with the coccyx on this one (and usually on every drawing) a lot. I wanted to make it appear to really sweep under but believe I could have pushed it much further.  Also, the bottom drawing pelvic region is off also.  My professor helped me a lot with achieving that inner volume and breath within the pelvis, I just need to keep the suggestions in mind more while I work. 
The middle right drawing was the second of our 10 hour drawings.  I spent about the same amount of time on this as the first, however, not in the "planning" stages.  Some aspects of this drawing are off, for example, the relationship between the ribs and the pelvis are a bit twisted, and not in the same way that the skeleton I was drawing was.  I think though that the reason this one is weaker is because of the angle I had.  It was extremely difficult to make this view believable.  This particular view was very challenging for me at the level I'm at right now.

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